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Carpet stain removal in


FIRST, don’t panic. You can grab DIY products like Dr. Beckmann carpet stain removing product, 1001 etc.

Most likely, this will do more damage than good.

Our professional techniques and large selection of stain and spillage products can help to remove most spills.

We are skilled in deep cleaning carpets.

While we can’t guarantee its removal, it’s safe enough to say we won’t be able get it out then no-one will.

As an optional service, we can also apply a protector to help prevent future spillages.


We use an advanced odour reduction formula that penetrates the carpet fibers to eliminate stains from cat and dog urine, faeces, and other odours. The formula works fast to remove odours and stain areas, restoring carpet to original condition.

Carpet stain prevention is also available.

Carpet stain protector:

This prevents dirt from getting absorbed by the carpet fibers.

It acts as an invisible barrier to protect you from accidental spills and injuries.

It revives carpets that have been damaged: it’s far less expensive than buying a new one.

It protects your investment in attractive carpets over time.

It’s safe and sound for both you, your pet, and yourself.

What Can We Do?

Stains removed?

To make sure we can remove all temporary marks or unsightly stains, carpet cleaners keep in stock over 15 different safe solutions and products.

Carpet stain removal can’t be guaranteed. But we do our best to treat and remove all marks from your carpet or upholstery. We identify the type and problem we need to address and provide the appropriate product or solution. After treating the spot, the detergent will work. Finally, we clean your carpet or upholstery item with the detergent to remove any traces. This will ensure that the item is completely dry.

To make sure the stains are removed and the highest quality results, the technicians review the results.

Why is professional stain treatment recommended?

Carpet Cleaning of will always advise customers to use professional stain-removal services. Do you really want to ruin your brand-new carpet? Some blemishes you can remove with simple tools, while others may require specialist attention and special detergents.

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carpet stain removal
carpet stain removal

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