Looking For specialist IN carpet stain removal?


FIRSTLY, DON’T PANIC and grab any DIY products like dr beckmann carpet stain remover, 1001 etc etc.

 you most likely will cause more damage than good and therefore setting the stain permanently.

Most spills and stains can be either removed or at least greatly improved by our trained methods and huge variety of professional carpet stain removal products.

As well as deep cleaning your carpet we are highly trained in removing even the most stubborn stains from carpet.

although we cannot guarantee removal, It’s safe to say that if we can’t get a stain out then no one will.

If required as an extra service we can also apply a protector to help you keep on top of any future spillages.

Below are photo’s of melted wax and diarrhea removal, both of which require specialist techniques.

stain removal specialists

carpet stain removal
carpet stain removal

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