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As a Carpet Repair Specialist,  We are always trying to expand our services to offer all our clients a better service and have therefore trained in all types of carpet repairs.

We cover all carpet damage in Daventry.

This will bring to the table the ability to help our clients with a range of carpet damaged problems.

Ranging from iron / cigarette burns, Pet scratching damage, Permanent staining etc which ruin a carpet.

This is a much cheaper  option than the cost of replacing the complete area.

Sometimes costing a fortune due to not being able to no longer match the existing areas.


We are fully trained and look forward to helping you with this service soon.

Carpet Repair specialists Daventry


please let us know in your message what has happened to your carpet, Do you have any spare carpet to use for the repair?

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Are you looking for carpet repairs?

Daventry carpet cleaning & Repair Specialists are your local Daventry  based professional carpet repair specialists.

we cover most domestic and commercial carpet damage. this could be from a cigarette burn, iron burn, hair straighteners or maybe by a coal fire.

perhaps your pet has taken a fancy to destroying your lovely carpet while you were out.

whatever happened, we are here to help you by offering you a reliable and cost effective repair to your carpets.

also being 5 star rated professional carpet cleaners who use the most powerful equipment in the UK.

you can be assured you get the best service and above all, the best results possible.

We are certified and fully trained in carpet repair, work fully guaranteed, Carpet Repair Expert, Iron Burns Cigarette Burns Pet Damage, Tears and Stains. Repair Carpet Specialist, Daventry.

we cover daventry, northampton, rugby, towcester.

Our Professional Carpet Repair Service allows us to fully repair damaged areas of your carpet. you will find Our service covers Daventry Northamptonshire as well as all Rugby, Drayton, Newnham, Norton, Welton, Badby, Staverton, Little Braunston, Whilton Locks, Dodford.

We can quickly repair any of these problems for you at a very affordable price. The Technicians at our company have successfully completed the training courses and received the qualifications to perform this service.

Your carpet may be irreparable if it has been damaged by a cigarette, iron, or hair straightener.

We can help you restore your carpet no matter what problem it is.

rest assured We provide outstanding and affordable carpet repair services.

We can repair carpet damage professionally by cutting out and replacing damaged areas with a doner section. It is seamless and often not visible to the eye.

Our carpet repair specialists use specialized equipment and tools to make the repairs almost invisible. Pets, especially dogs and cats, can cause carpet damage in your home. Carpets damaged by pets are frequently repaired by our experts.

We provide professional, local carpet repair services in Daventry & the surrounding areas. being based near Daventry & Northampton, We cover the surrounding Rugby, Drayton, Newnham, Norton, Welton, Badby, Staverton, Little Braunston, Whilton Locks, Dodford areas. Our outstanding customer service, quality of work and reputation have earned us a tremendous reputation.

we cover daventry, northampton, rugby, towcester.

There is usually no need to purchase a new carpet. You can use a piece of carpet from another area to repair your carpet.

your fitted carpet should not be replaced simply because it is worn, damaged, or stained.

A cost-effective solution to a wide variety of carpet problems can be found in repairing worn carpets.

These results are amazing and will save you lots of money, as you won’t have to replace the entire carpet.

You might be a tenant of a rented property who wants to minimize your deposit.

A landlord might need to have a property that has a carpet problem ready for letting quickly. I can help in any of these cases.

Most carpet repairs require little time.

There are two main types of problems that cats and dogs can cause. The first is when cats and dogs accidentally get locked in to a room for too long and try to escape. This can lead to frayed carpet at the door frame or the door-bar.

Many people don’t know carpet repair is even an option. Of the few that know, many would imagine it isn’t possible without a roll of matching carpet waiting up in the loft for just such an occasion.  just in case that iron was going to fall on the floor one day, or the cat was going to get stuck in the lounge and try to claw her way out, or that stain just wouldn’t come out.

But for the rest of us who don’t have the luxury of spare carpet, is replacement the only answer?

According to our customers, most carpet repair companies say yes – but not Daventry Carpet cleaning & repair specialists.

We can repair many kinds of damage to many kinds of carpet without the need for spare. 


see our previous work from carpet repair specialists

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