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Are you looking for carpet repair near me Services?


We can help repair burns in most carpets.
We can repair burns in most carpets caused by irons, hair straighteners, cigarette ends etc.


Has your beloved moggy or pooch destroyed your carpet?
We can help repair damage caused by pets scratching/digging on your precious carpets.


Call us NOW to help save your carpet.
STAINS, We are professional carpet cleaners trained in advanced stain removal. Some are permanent and cannot be removed so we can offer a carpet repair to help save your expensive carpet.


Caught and snagged a Loop carpet? Call us NOW.
Have you or your pet pulled a thread on a looped carpet? Call us NOW to help save your carpet.


See what we can do.
Are you removing a fireplace etc and wondering if you need to replace your carpet? Well, Fear not, If you have some spare matching carpet we may be able to help . Call us NOW.


Have you got unsightly burns in front of your open fire?
Coal/Ember burns look unsightly in front of your lovely fire, Give us a call to help restore and save your carpet NOW.

how can we help you?

tell us what damage has happened to your carpet.. pet damage, burn etc.

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Carpet Repair Specialists

We can repair a variety of carpets in terms of style and quality. Our technicians are also fully trained professional carpet cleaners who can help with all your drink/food spills etc as well as carpet repairs. We specialize in iron burns, pet damage, Snags, Rips and all permanent stains, 

Most insurance policies won’t cover minor damage. This leads to many people believing that they have no choice but to get a new carpet. Our professional carpet repair service, which is of high quality and affordable, will make your carpet look like new.

We can fix your damaged carpet.

If you need carpet repair, commercially or domestically, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team. Don’t worry about carpet damage.

We can fix carpet damage caused by iron burns, cigarette smoke, pet damage, coal burns, bleach spots, and other causes. We can also repair carpet holes, re-seam joints, dents and rips. Contact us if you have any problems with your damaged carpet. We will usually be able provide a cost-effective solution in most cases.

Every carpet is unique, which means that every job is different. This is what motivates us to constantly improve, knowing there is always one carpet repair problem around the corner that we haven’t yet encountered. We are proud to say that we have never had to struggle to solve any carpet repair issue.

This service is amazing and can save you money by not having to replace your whole carpet.

How can you achieve this?

There are many ways to treat burns.

You may be able treat individual fibers of the carpet or insert a piece from a spare carpet to get the best results.

We will do everything possible to make your carpet invisible where possible.

Our carpet repairs are guaranteed for 12 months.

The repaired section of carpet will actually be stronger than the existing carpet, so you needn’t worry about how it will stand up to hoovering, cleaning or heavy use.

Carpet repair is not something many people know. Many people don’t know that carpet repair is possible without having a roll or matching carpet in the loft. For those of us who can’t afford a new carpet, Our carpet repair service can be the the best option.

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Professional and Reliable
carpet repair Specialists You Can Trust

Fully Trained & Insured

Affordable Rates

Quality Craftsmanship

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Our Projects

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1 year warranty

for your piece of mind all of our repairs are covered for 12 months.

Daventry Carpet Repair Specialists Are Your Local Daventry Based Professional Carpet Repair Specialists.

We Cover Most Domestic And Commercial Carpet Damage. This Could Be From A Cigarette Burn, Iron Burn, Hair Straighteners Or Maybe By A Coal Fire.

Perhaps Your Pet Has Taken A Fancy To Destroying Your Lovely Carpet While You Were Out.

Whatever Happened, We Are Here To Help You By Offering You A Reliable And Cost Effective Repair To Your Carpets.

Also Being 5 Star Rated Professional Carpet Cleaners Who Use The Most Powerful Equipment In The UK.

We Can Assure You Get The Best Service And Above All, The Best Results Possible.

We Are Certified And Fully Trained In Carpet Repair, Work Fully Guaranteed, Carpet Repair Expert, Iron Burns Cigarette Burns Pet Damage, Tears And Stains. Repair Carpet Specialist, Covering Daventry Northamptonshire.

Our Professional Carpet Repair Service Allows Us To Fully Repair Damaged Areas Of Your Carpet. Our Service Covers Daventry Northamptonshire As Well As All DraytonNewnhamNortonWeltonBadbyStavertonLittle BraunstonWhilton LocksDodfordLong Buckby Wharf.

For more local information click HERE

We Can Quickly Repair Any Of These Problems For You At A Very Affordable Price. The Technicians At Our Company Have Successfully Completed The Training Courses And Received The Qualifications To Perform This Service.

Your Carpet May Be Irreparable If It Has Been Damaged By A Cigarette, Iron, Or Hair Straightener. We Can Help You Restore Your Carpet No Matter What.

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